Greetings Accordions!

As the holiday season comes in full swing upon us, your friendly neighborhood indie developers have been thinking of gift ideas for you. Sure, we have looked into the traditional and very comfortable sweater (who doesn’t need another one right?) but we figured you’d appreciate something a little more from the heart.

We at the Indie Accord will be giving you 25 amazing little goodies for you to fill up your virtual stockings or other virtual present storing objects. Each day of December, starting today (yes, this is your first gift, it’s hard to think of 25 things, sue us) we will be posting on all forms of social media and our website in order to ensure that you receive your gifts! From some delicious game teasers and demos that will put any store-bought apple pie to shame, to tantalizing screenshots and videos which are just too good to keep wrapped up!

From all of us to all of you, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. No matter what you celebrate, (yes Festivas counts!) we hope you enjoy our gifts to you!

Happy Holidays! Peace!

Day 1