Bloom is an exploring and collecting adventure game with several different environments and an array of colorful characters. Play as James, a boy who has a way with plants. James and his sister Jasmin act as the guardians of the vast world of Arlon. When Jasmin is kidnapped by Salty, the king of the foxes, James sets out to save her. You will need to work together with a beauty queen elephant, a lazy mole, and a crazy mayor to save Jasmin, all while discovering and helping various plants bloom.


  • 4 unforgettable zones
  • 225 Objects to collect (and a secret ending for those who collect them all)
  • 10 characters with unique personalities
  • N64 platformy goodness!
  • An original soundtrack composed by Samuel Widzy
  • A magical storyline focused around James and Jasmin, two siblings from the world of Arlon

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