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Are you here to save the city or help destroy it? It’s hard to tell.

In Ambuuu you must save as many people as possible by picking them up in your Ambulance. Pick injured people up and bring them back to the hospital before the time runs out. Play long enough and you may experience the amped up AMBUUU mode!

Save the city on your own, or with a friend!

Ambuuu to the rescue!
To the rescue with Ambuuuuuuu mode!
Ambuuu Splitscreen
Ambuuu Splitscreen
Ambuuu Splitscreen

Where to play Ambuuu

June 2019

Ambuuu at DreamHack

Ambuuu is currently on display at DreamHack Dallas! DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival. A place for gamers of [...]

May 2019

Ambuuu Multiplayer is Live!

Woo! The Ambuuu multiplayer update is hot off the presses. Now you can rescue people and terrorize the city with [...]

April 2019

Ambuuu Wins Game Jam!

It's been quite awhile since you've heard from us, but we've been busy with a Game Jam! Today we'd like [...]

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