Jaghund Armoured Organ Delivery Service

J.A.O.D.S. MISSION 46: Since the MAW Lojackers, a group of low-tech anarchists lost control of their insect horde all of society has crumbled into a battle of survival. You have one mission, and one only; you must stay alive to deliver the heart. Our client Travis, the CEO of Orbital Biotech Deliveries requires a heart transplant and you are the last functional drone capable of completing such a request. It’s dangerous out there but I’ve read reports that some of the power grid may still function. Use what power you can gather to charge up any of Fujisaki Corp’s bots you might find. The Lojackers will stop at nothing to capture your cargo.

  • Interact with your environment using pure energy

  • Build up a robotic army

  • Immersive universe with 3 different environments

  • Epic Music