Run! Run! Don’t Die! is a free game that was made in a weekend to practice using GameMaker: Studio. It is a platform runner inspired by Mario games (both new and old)! It features a timer and an online high score so that players can compare their best runs against each other! Run Run Dont Die is for windows.

Run! Run! Don’t Die! Re-Connected is coming soon! Follow us on Discord for more news and updates!

Online Highscore Board

Rank Name Score
1 Queen Hermielle 40,000
2 Gloumar ROX 42,500
3 Baron Noir 48,000
4 Capt'n Connor 58,000
5 Lucille Woma 75,500
6 Dr. Sta'Zel 77,250
7 Trith Certai 80,000
8 Or'iss Ashbough 90,000
9 King Ichabod 100,000
10 Benviolo 670,000


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