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Run! Run! Don’t Die! is a free game that was made in a weekend to practice using GameMaker: Studio. It is a platform runner inspired by Mario games (both new and old)! It features a timer and an online high score so that players can compare their best runs against each other! Run! Run! Don’t Die! is for Windows, MacOS, and Debian Linux!

Run! Run! Don’t Die! Re-Connected is now available! Follow us on Discord for more news and updates!

Current Season Online Highscore Board

Rank Name Score
1 Poncho (Am back) 4,528
2 Saturn 4,589
3 Ved 5,202
4 Ved-better-score 5,236
5 Pickle 6,633
6 Rabbival507 9,989
7 Queen Hermielle 40,000
8 Gloumar ROX 42,500
9 Baron Noir 48,000
10 Capt'n Connor 58,000

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