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Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?!

That’s a LOT of potassium!

Fruit Factory Logo

Fruit Factory is a physics-based puzzle game where you build the missing pieces of a factory to sort and deliver tropical fruit!


  • Silly physics-based machine puzzles
  • 4 Worlds for a total of 40 exciting levels!
  • Dozens of machines and fruit types to work with
  • Multiple side objectives and secrets within each level!
  • Integreation with Razer Chroma! Never forget those hotkeys!

Fruit Factory Fall Update

  • New Quality of Life keyboard shortcuts (with laptop compatible control scheme)
  • Steam achievements
  • Four new fall levels in the city
  • New fall fruits (err.. pumpkins) to sort
  • Additional bonus juice and interactions with background objects and extras

Fruit Factory, now hiring!

June 2020

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Jeremiah Taylor

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