Today marks a great day in Mika~Tika history, a release of the massive update 2.1!
2.1 brings some very interesting changes that many of you requested back in the 1.0 Alpha stage. At the bottom of this post you can find the complete change log.

To download Mika~Tika 2.1 you need an Android device, (I personally would recommend a tablet to achieve the most Mika-ness!). Simply copy the .apk over to your device through a USB Cable or cloud storage (such as In order to install, you must allow third-party applications to be installed which can be found under settings.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us through e-mail, comments, or on IndieDB.

Download Here:

Resized the game for an easier visual appearance.
Fixed scaling issues.
Fixed Credits Scrolling
Updated Menus and Trophy Case
Fixed Trophy font display issue.
Increased the length of the credits display.
Fixed various formatting issues.
Added a UI bar.
Fixed various alpha display issues.
Scaled Mika Tika’s movement to the new grid size
Made the tilt more sensitive.
Colorized menu titles
Updated loading screen
Prevented jumping noise from occurring more than once per jump
Updated menu with “floating” blocks.
Updated Accord Logo to match the mika theme.
Added Touch to Jump to Tutorial 1
Updated backgrounds and added several more.
Resized entire Tutorial
Added in Tutorial Zone 3 Trophy
Increased the variety of soundtracks available.
Continued support for Windows and OSX.
Fixed depth issues
Updated Trophy Reward screen.
Fixed up UI issues both graphical and performance based.
Mixed Mika’s control scheme for Windows and Mac
New Mika~Tika Icon for all platforms.
Optimized for Tablets
Updated the Tutorials for MultiPlatform
Added in WIP and DEMO modes.

Fixed an issue where Mika would appear to be stretched
Updated the Tutorial for a cleaner, sleeker feel.
Updated compatibility issues with older PCs and Devices.