Woo! The Ambuuu multiplayer update is hot off the presses. Now you can rescue people and terrorize the city with your friends!

In April, Ambuuu won first place in Game Jolt’s 2019 DreamHack Dallas Jam. We updated Ambuuu from the original version to enhance the experience of the core game, which will be shown at DreamHack. We were happy with our submission, but we wanted to add a post-jam version that included a Ambuuu multiplayer split screen mode. This is only the first update and we plan to do many more in the next few months.

Ambuuu Splitscreen

Visit the Ambuuu GameJolt page below to download the newest version and check out the new co-op mode.

Since we will be actively updating this game, we would love to hear any comments, suggestions or critiques you have! We are excited to see what you all have to say and we love to feature Let’s Plays in our posts!

Ambuuu Splitscreen

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