We have been releasing Shadows of Her Past screenshots over the last few days, and this post rounds them all up and provides a little bit of info about each one.

We have upgraded the combo system to give a burst of cast and movement speed whenever you successfully land ten hits on enemies (in a specified time). This image shows the Spectra effect when you get the combo. Having this combo will not only increase your power level via speed boost, but will also increase the Spectra you earn and can spend on upgrades.

In this level a new enemy type is shown. This trapper enemy will lie in hiding until a certain action is done, at which time it will suddenly appear and chase Hermielle relentlessly. When this happens, its better to run and navigate around obstacles than try to stand and fight. It provides us with a way to achieve an interesting change of pace in a lot of levels.

We have been working on Hermielle’s swamp ability which allows her to create an AoE effect that will slow enemies, and slow the spawn rate of enemy camps to a crawl. This AoE ability can be upgraded with green Spectra.

Enter Valdis, one of the hardest bosses in the game. This winged monstrosity will create clones to confuse you while raining down area attacks from above.

After a hard days work killing enemies and gathering Spectra who wouldn’t want to relax on the beach? However, Hermielle’s break is short lived as she soon finds Dusks invading her vacation spot.