We are pumped to announce the launch of Fruit Factory on Steam, Itch.io, and Gamejolt! It is a physics/puzzle game about sorting an endless supply of fruit using industrial machines.

You will need to sort, drop, clean, bounce, break, box, and deliver fruit through 4 worlds and a ton of secret levels. The game features:

  • Silly physics based machine puzzles
  • 4 worlds of puzzles, with dozens of machines and fruit types
    • Even more puzzles in secret levels
  • Multiple side objectives in each level
  • Full Razer Chroma RGB integration, including hints to locations of secret levels and custom keyboard colors/animations.


Sometimes you will be able to start from scratch and build the machine anyway you can.

…and sometimes you will need to fix an existing machine without going over budget.

Delivering the fruit and unlocking new factories is just as important as sorting it!

Mr. Gloumar, your manager, definitely has the jokes!

Fruit Factory is our biggest completed game release ever, and it was a ton of fun to work on! Thank you for checking it out! 😀