bs2 has just been released, hot off the presses! Let’s get right to the download:

bs2 is a short but hectic vertical space shooter where you steal powers from your slain foes. Each enemy will have two powers, and when you defeat it you will have to quickly choose which power up you want by flying to that side of the screen. However some combinations of powers are much more exciting than others, and sometimes you have to take a big risk to be able to fly to the better power up. The power ups can also be used or expire, so this leads to ever changing “builds” to explore and use on the enemies.

bs2 was made with love and inspiration from the band Brave Saint Saturn and the anime Cowboy Bebop. It is another small experimental game made using GameMaker Studio 2. The bulk of the game was made by two people (saturnSaint and JerIn3D) over 3 days to test out some new behind the scenes Indie Accord systems. We also wanted to play with the idea of “juicing” up a game.

Let us know what you think!

BTW: Anyone who makes a let’s play of bs2 will have their video featured on the game’s page! Make sure to send it to us at our links below so we don’t miss it!