Hey there, fellow gamers and enthusiasts of the quirky and offbeat! Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of game development and exploring a journey that left our Dev team in splits – all thanks to a little something we like to call “ABCDEF.” If you’re ready for a tale that’s as out-of-the-box as our game concepts, buckle up, because this is a rollercoaster of creative chaos and playful banter!

Picture this: a few years ago, in the vibrant realm of our Discord server, an epic competition was born. Members of our community battled it out to reach the apex of a game level, all for the glory of claiming a custom role and name color. This was the dawn of ABCDEF – a game that was as glitchy as it was strange.

A Twist in the Tale: The Pass the Game Jam

Fast forward to recent times and enter the “Pass the Game Jam” by the ingenious minds at Blackthorn Prod where our game, ABCDEF, was revived. With determination in our hearts and a sprinkle of mayhem in our minds, we set out to revamp ABCDEF!

We revamped the design, easing gravity’s grip and tossing in some new levels. Of course, we couldn’t resist sprucing up the visuals too – flying cubes and all. But in the midst of this whirlwind, a showdown brewed over something that seems trivial but isn’t – the control scheme.

The Control Scheme Dilemma

ABCDEF or QWERTY – it’s a question that split our team. Our resident programmer championed the challenge, while our artist fought for accessibility. The programmer argued for the tough love, while the artist pressed for an easier path. And so, the lines were drawn in the digital sand.

But behold, from this conflict emerged a truce, sealed with a challenge. The ABCDEF loyalists and QWERTY enthusiasts would settle the score in the most epic fashion – a race to conquer the game. Who could beat the game first using their chosen control scheme? The stakes were set, and the race was on.

The Intense Showdown

Cue the suspenseful music as the showdown unfolded. On one side, the ABCDEF aficionado, a master of Cube leg-extensions. On the other, the QWERTY virtuoso, fingers dancing over keys like a maestro. We watched with bated breath, cheering and laughing as our quirky creation was put to the test.

When the dust settled and the digital confetti cleared, ABCDEF stood tall as the victor. Cheers erupted, and memes flowed freely as our quirky creation triumphed over the QWERTY alternative. But let’s be real, it wasn’t just about the victory – it was the shared experience, the camaraderie, and the sheer joy of creating something uniquely ours.

Reflection and Lessons Learned

As the victory cries subsided, we couldn’t ignore the reality. ABCDEF may have conquered hearts, but it fell short in the grand scheme of the game jam. The concept, though delightful, lacked the expansiveness to match its peers. Yet, it remained a testament to our creativity and tenacity.

Moving Forward

So, here’s the deal, fellow adventurers – we invite you to dive into ABCDEF. Experience the exhilaration, the exasperation, and everything in between. Feel free to give it a shot, and if it tickles your fancy, explore the source code – the links await your curiosity.

But hold tight, because this isn’t the end. We’re a small team with a big vision. If you rally behind us, if you show your support with a thumbs-up, we promise to elevate ABCDEF even further. Imagine online multiplayer, high-score leaderboards, and a dash more levels to conquer.


And there you have it, fellow gamers, the saga of ABCDEF – a tale of challenges, camaraderie, and the power of a unique perspective. Thanks for joining us on this ride. We’ll keep it short and sweet, just like our approach to game development.

Until next time, keep those creative fires burning, embrace the quirks, and remember – every journey is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Catch you on the flip side!