Greetings, fellow gamers and enthusiasts of strategic challenges! Today, we’re peeling back the layers of “Monster Path,” an endeavor that started as a humble game jam project but has grown into a captivating experience. Join us as we embark on a journey through the roots and growth of this unique game!

Allow us to take you back to a game jam, where the clock was set to just seven days. It was here that the initial spark of “Monster Path” ignited. Created for the 7DRL Challenge 2023, this competition challenged us to craft a roguelike game in a week. It’s a straightforward premise – seven days, a dash of creativity, and the ambition to stand out.

As the 7DRL competition progressed, feedback flowed in, and among the reviews, one piece stood out. A judge’s insight struck a chord – they recognized something intriguing in “Monster Path.” Beneath the surface of traditional JRPG combat and seemingly uniform abilities lay a strategic gem. The evolution of skills, the choices on the map, and the intricate dance of decision-making had been spotlighted.


Since the original jam, “Monster Path” has grown, much like the creatures within. A diverse cast of five companions now enriches the gameplay. Meet Aioli, a goddess wielding buffs and AoE attacks. Each character contributes their flavor to the mix, creating layers of strategy to explore.

Yet, what sets “Monster Path” apart is its healing mechanics. A departure from the norm, it transforms healing into a strategic puzzle. Every choice carries weight, every encounter has consequences. Strategy becomes the heartbeat of your journey, weaving a unique narrative with each decision.

Reflecting on our journey, we’ve honed the healing system, embracing player interactions. Status effects, ailments, and their intricate interactions have been refined. Our aim is clear – to challenge, intrigue, and inspire players to embrace their path, warts and all.

In the realm of roguelikes, failure is a guide, not an end. “Monster Path” embraces this concept, inviting players to learn, adapt, and overcome. Missteps can transform into lessons, turning potential challenge into triumph. Every setback is a step toward mastery, a hallmark of the roguelike genre.

As we conclude this chapter of “Monster Path,” gratitude fills our hearts. Thanks to the anonymous judge whose feedback resonated. Thanks to every player who ventured into our realm, crafting their tales, and most of all thanks to the community that fuels our journey.

Join us on the evolving “Monster Path,” where strategies flourish, choices echo, and monsters await. Until next time, fellow adventurers, may your paths be strategic, your decisions profound, and your monsters forever captivating.