We here at the Accord are constantly striving to create a better indie experience, but we came to a conclusion; we could not assist you all on our own. To achieve a level of interaction and simplicity that would be remembered were the goals that we had in mind when bringing you our latest and greatest project, Butler.

Butler is here to serve you and to assist us in helping you. Right now Butler is still under a BETA tag, but he is constantly learning how best to aid you. By the time that Butler drops the BETA tag, we plan to have incorporated all of our games to utilize him as well have created a community that we hope you fill find useful with all things Accord.

Butler requires either a new Butler Profile or a Google Account to sign up. After that, he will automatically keep all of your achievements, game progress, custom levels, and profiles up to date without any interaction from the user. His job is to make your life easier without the worries of backing up your progress or transferring save files.

If you are interested in signing up for the Butler BETA, please follow the link below.
Butler BETA Sign Up

This is only the beginning, and we hope you enjoy having your own private butler.