Spectra is a magical essence which exists in the universe of Pylotha. Legend states that Spectra is the very essence of the Specters, given to the races of Pylotha; although some will argue that Spectra has always existed and even predates the Specters. Most individuals who have the power to manipulate Spectra can only control a single hue of the essence. Those who can control two or more hues are considered Spectral Masters. The only known beings who have been able to control White Spectra, were the Specters. Hermielle herself is a power red spectra user, able to conjure fire and fire based attacks with ease.

In Shadows of Her Past Spectra is used as a form of magical currency. The player can choose to imbue their wand with spectra to increase the effectiveness of a certain attack. Each attack, item, and enemy has its own spectral makeup, and each different color increased there affinity to different elements. Destroying an enemy will let you harvest this spectra, for use in upgrading your wands and attacks. In the image below Hermielle is gathering blue spectra.

In the load out screen your spectra totals are shown in the top right, and each attack’s icon can be also be matched to a spectra amount, so you always know how to build your character to take the most advantage of your spectra bonuses. Each wand also starts with different base spectra bonuses.