In Shadows of Her Past, we wanted to provide a tactfully randomized encounter that will be known as Enemy Elites. These enemies will be more powerful, stronger, and larger than their non-elite comrades that will share the battlefield with them.

Imagine traveling through a familiar land when a sudden cloud of darkness overwhelms the landscape. As you look up, there isn’t a cloud in the sky, but instead a massive baddie waiting to greet you. This is our idea of Elites for Shadows of Her Past.

The chance to encounter an elite will vary upon each level and each attempt in order to prevent the bore of grinding that can occur in many games. These enemies will be quite visible as they are more than double the size of their standard forms, and will some flashy effects to help catch your eye. Additionally, these baddies will have a collection of new abilities hidden up their sleeve to make them a foe worth challenging!

“What’s in it for me?”, I know you’re thinking it because we are to! Elites won’t be some enemy that you would want to run from if you can help it. Those brave enough to challenge and defeat an elite will have a plethora of Spectra (the in-game currency) granted as a rewarded.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post, “Spectra: How to Collect & Use it” for a detailed guide on the origin of the system, how it is implemented in Shadows of Her Past and why you’d want to collect it all!

TLDR: Elites are tough baddies but give loads of $$$. Stay tuned for a post on Spectra!