Bloom is the Accord’s homage to N64 platformers. At its heart it is a love letter to exploration adventure games of years past. Play as James, a boy who has a way with plants. James and his sister Jasmin act as the guardians of the vast world of Arlon. When Jasmin is kidnapped by Salty, the king of the foxes, James sets out to save her. James will need to work together with a beauty queen elephant, a lazy mole, and a completely insane mayor to save Jasmin, all while discovering and helping various plants bloom.


  • 4 unforgettable zones
  • 225 Objects to collect (and a secret ending for those who collect them all)
  • 10 characters with unique personalities
  • N64 platformy goodness!
  • An original soundtrack composed by Samuel Widzy
  • A magical storyline focused around James and Jasmin, two siblings from the world of Arlon

Bloom 2

Help us make Bloom 2! If we raise 500$ we will make the sequel to Bloom, with all the same great N64 goodness in Bloom, but tons more features! These features include:

  • Play as Jasmin (with fire)
  • More types of Jumps
  • Floating with umbrella
  • More crazy plants
  • Rideable animals
  • A variety of new animals
  • 2x the levels
  • Better textures
  • Rendered cut scenes
  • 4 bosses
  • All kinds of new terrain
  • Swimming
  • Different modes:
    • Flower collector (grab as many flower as you can in 1 minute)
    • Survival (fend off foxes as long as you can!)
    • Racing (against a variety of characters from bloom)
  • More zones:
    • Under water
    • Volcano
    • Forest
    • Marsh
    • Plus all the old levels revamped


Anything/Everything We will credit you as a supporter in Bloom 2, and give you a shoutout on facebook or twitter!
5$ You will have access to alpha versions of Bloom2.
10$ You will have access to alpha versions of Bloom2, and free bloom stickers.
15$ You will have access to alpha versions of Bloom 2 as well as polls that direct it’s development.
25$ All of the above, and we will send you bloom stickers and art/posters!
35$ Access to alpha builds and polls, and you will be able to work with the team to design new enemies!
50$ Access to alpha builds and polls, and you will be able to work with the team to design environments and levels!
100$ Access to alpha builds and polls, free stickers and art, and you (or anyone else you choose) will be modeled and put into the game as a character!