We are proud to announce the newest version of the Iktsua alpha (v0.1.9)! This version had a heavy focus on graphics, effects, and level look/feel. The changes include:


Weather Effects

  • Changed weather according to biome
  • Added in new weather effects
  • Added antialiasing
  • Added color correction


Wolf Pack Attack!

  • Optimized AI behaviour based on distance to player
  • Randomized enemy size (effects speed of enemy and drops)
  • Added herd AI


Top Down View of the Tundra

  • Optimized big room
  • Removed snow from village


  • Changed camera back to normal
  • Decreased bear boss difficulty
  • Animals slowed down in snow drifts
  • Changed the way you throw your spear


  • New HUD
  • Added berry sound
  • Enemies can no longer spawn on top of you
  • Fixed texture in bear room
  • Added ability to zoom camera

The next update will focus on the Husky!