Made in blender 2.63

Hey Guys, I’m Jer, the art director and foreign relations expert. Here is a 3D model I’ve been working on based off a character from final fantasy. It’s not much to look at, but rigs without skin or hair never are (My character also has teeth but are not shown). I also tried out a DOF (depth of field) after the head animation, this can come in handy later and was a basic effect in blender. Below the video is a blender wizard project, Sintel. This guy has been making things in blender before I even knew what it was and I wanted to compare un-rendered faces with him so I posted his un-rendered video and then my mesh and then a picture of his rendered. That’s it for now, but stick around and I’ll have his face textured soon.

(my video)


(Character based off)

(Sintel Mesh)

(My Mesh)

(Sintel Render)

(My Render)