The Oar’atan Reapers are pretty bad dudes, you gotta fight a whole bunch of them in Shadows of Her Past. In this post we talk about some of the more memorable Reapers.


Name: Oar’atan Bomber

Description: The Bomber will not directly attack unless approached, instead he will allow other Reapers to lead the charge while he throws bombs into the fray, damaging everything in a radius and burning the ground. This is the biggest of all Reapers, and can easily take multiple hits before even slowing down. Avoiding the thrown bombs and burning ground with constant movement will be required to take a Bomber down.


Name: Oar’atan Necromancer and Skeletal Reapers

Description: The Necromancer takes a different tactic than most reapers. Instead of training his body he trained in Tenebra, or Dark Spectra which is some pretty bad stuff. The Necromancer keeps his distance, instead raising his fallen brethren to fight for and protect him. If no more reapers can be raised from the grave the necromancer will retreat and attack with a long distance spell. This is the only Reaper where up close combat may not be a bad idea.


Name: Oar’atan Civilian

Description: Smaller in size than their Reaper brethren, the standard civilian of the City of Bladespire are traditionally light on their paws. Commonly found within the city walls, the Oar’atan civilian are commonly called into war as scouting parties due to their speed. There is a pride deeply rooted in their home nation and even the lowest of Oar’atans will step up to defend Bladespire and their leader. These enemies will charge you without regard for their own safety, so the best way to defeat them is to take them out before they reach you. If you allow them to get into melee range their ferocity and speed will make quick work of you.

Name: Oar’atan Reaper Soldier

Description: Known for their brute strength, the Reaper Soldiers are the primary force utilized by Bladespire. This Reaper’s size makes him a little slower than the Civilian, but what they lack in speed they make up for in strength. A group of them is deadly in melee range, use teleport and wind attacks to keep them at a distance.