The Indie Accord is proud to announce our newest full length game: Shadows of Her Past. Shadows (or SoHP, or even “soap”) is an ARPG set in the same universe as our previous game, Elette. Returning for the second time to the computer screen as the new main character is Hermielle, the Enchantress Queen of Lotte! Shadows promises to be the Indie Accord’s longest game by far with an estimated 6-10 hours of game play. The 3 pillars of SoHP’s game design are fast paced game play against large groups of enemies, a spectra based magic and itemization system, and a deep lore based story line.

This will be our first game as a Razer partnered indie dev! We will be providing full support for Razer Chroma keyboards, mice, headsets, and mouse pads. This includes custom effects and GUI surprises built into the actual hardware you play with! Such immersion, very wow! Since the game world’s main source of magic is “spectra”, this is a really cool opportunity to use the colors and lights in exciting ways.

Additionally, we have decided to run a Steam Greenlight campaign for this project! We are excited to show off the game, screenshots, and videos on Steam!  We would appreciate any and all support/feedback you could give during the campaign. As always, we are open to any suggestions, comments, and concerns about our projects and are more than willing to answer any questions. Vote for us here!