In Shadows of Her Past the player controls Hermielle, a master of Spectra. Spectra is the main form of magic in Shadows and is based on color. In-game the player can choose one of each type of attack before the start of the level. You will want to choose attacks that both fit your play style and the modifiers on your wands. For example, a red wand would be especially good when paired with the first attack below, Meteor Strike. The types and some short gifs of each ability are shown below.

Type 1: Combat

Combat abilities are not impacted by a cooldown. Instead they are controlled by Hermielle’s attack speed attribute which can be changed through various wand and gem combinations.

Meteor Strike (Red)

Sends a flaming rock at the designated area. Has the potential to burn the target for an additional 1-3 seconds.


Arc Lightning (Yellow)

Sends an arc of lightning at the target that has the chance to stun them for 1 second. Has a chance to jump to nearby enemies.

Dread Apparition (Blue)

Summons a minion to fight alongside Hermielle for 15 seconds. Hermielle can command the minion to self-destruct, dealing damage to everyone in proximity.

Type 2: Crowd Control

Glacial Shivers (Blue)

Summons a frost storm around Hermielle, sending out shards of ice in every direction. Has a chance to completely freeze enemies.

Summon Marsh (Green)

Controls the spectra of an area to transform into a marsh for 10 seconds, slowing enemies by 40% and spawners by 15%.

Vortex (Blue)

Sends a gust of wind in front of Hermielle, pushing back enemies and dealing damage.

Type 3: Support

Type 3 abilities are used to bolster Hermielle’s attack and defense. When used in conjunction with other abilities, they can become very powerful.

Ivory Safeguard (Yellow)

Hermielle creates a barrier of Spectra to protect her from all incoming sources of damage.

Arcane Frenzy (Red)

Doubles the impact of Hermielle’s next spells for 15 seconds.

Haste (Green)

Speeds up Hermielle’s movement speed, cast speed, and teleportation recharge rate for 15 seconds.

My personal favorite build is a green and yellow wand with Haste, Arc Lightning, and Summon Marsh. I move and attack fast, while my enemies are stuck slowly sinking in the bog 😀

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