Shadows is a game based in a universe rich with lore, and throughout the four segments and 50 levels we find Hermielle revisiting key places and moments in her world’s history. Some of these locations and the art assets used to make them are shown below.


Elette and Hermielle were actually featured in a previous game by The Indie Accord. However this is the first time we see it in full 3D. Elette is a city of refugees and wanderers, and was built in quite a haphazard way, with citizens adding on buildings and rooms as needed. The one stand out feature is the Salton Manor (pictured in the distance above), which the citizens of Elette built as a gift to their ruler, Hermielle.


Mo’Bahl is a volcano that lies across the planes from Elette and is populated by the Oar’atan Reapers, an industrial race of half wolf/half human hybrids. The Reapers mine the volcano in the heart of Mo’Bahl.

Black Wall

The Black wall separates the Oar’atan Reapers from the rest of the world and serves as a monument to the Reaper’s industrious and violent spirit. If any of their neighbors from Elette approach the wall they are savagely attacked by the Reapers within.

Ruins of the Vernetrim Empire

Before the Reapers lived within the confines of the black wall they were known as the Vernetrim Empire and were a much more widespread nation. As they began to slowly withdraw to their capital city, ruins were left behind to be reclaimed by nature, shadows of their once great Empire.

Cathedral of A’verim

Inside the Ruins of the Vernetrim Empire lies a cathedral inhabited by a magical statue. This statue was fashioned after a Oar’atan Reaper King whose people worshiped him as a deity.


El’Narath was once home to a proud civilization populated by the ancient and nearly immortal Eteras (Hermielle is an Etera), but it has fallen to shambles after the Eteras fought a great war among themselves. The picture above shows it in its glory days.

These are just a couple of the environments in Shadows, and we hope to show even more in a future post. Each of the above locations will be at least one playable level. For now I hope the descriptions and images have whetted your appetite for another adventure with Hermielle!

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