Hey Ya’ll!

We are proud to announce the second video update for Iktsua. In this update we talk about AI, weather, and the community. Dont forget to get the newest update when it drops in 2 weeks!

Community Input
In this next update we are really focusing on using the community feedback to make Iktsua better. We have poured over the comments, and watched all of the youtube LPs in an effort to find the best parts of the game, and the parts that people have issues with. So for example, if we see the player floundering with not knowing where to go in a LP, we add in some sort of cue to tell them where to go at that part in the next version. We also worked on optimizing the big room because we had a few people complain about lag.

We also worked a lot on getting the effects on the tundra working. As of now, its extremely hard to tell the biomes apart. We decided to focus on trying to give each biome a distinct feel. to accomplish this we have different objects, enemies, and weather in each one. In this most recent coming update we will be changing the weather in each biome. (Check the video for the actual effects, I think they look awesome!) We are also working on pulling the entire game together with a more unified palette (more on this next month!)

Last but not least (actually its my favorite part) we worked on animal AI. Iktsua carries a very simple hunting system, but we do not think that should limit the fun. Much of the battle is fought before you throw your spear, in sizing up your enemy, approaching from the right angle, and executing your attack perfectly all without freezing. To this end, we are always improving the mob AI. In this update specifically we added randomness in enemy size (which correlates to their strength and reward for killing) and more group AI in wolves and yaks.

I hope you watch the video and give it a try!

P.S. Here are some screens of the newest version!!